Tour Videos and Tube Clips for TukTuk Patrol

VDBucks/Monger Cash contacted me through a freelance website where I was advertising myself and my services. The job was to edit down their old scenes and clips into more interesting 5 – 10 minute clips and upload them to Tube sites such as YouPorn, Xhamster, and PornHub.

After editing over 100 videos I was asked to create a Tour Page Video for TukTuk Patrol. A Tour Page Video is a video displayed on the checkout page. It is designed to showcase the videos and content you will receive once becoming a member.

The job was to take clips from some of the scenes I had already cut down and make a compilation video out of them. Keep it fast, interesting, and pack as much of a story in as possible.

Key Features

Using Supplied Clips

Short & Interesting

Contain some story

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