Microminimus Fullsize Image Viewer Chrome Extension

Small Bikini, Full Size

As a lover of Micro Bikinis, and having featured Wicked Weasel Swimsuits in a lot of my photoshoots, I became a member and a contributor to the Microminimus community.

Having a 4k monitor, the gallery images weren’t big enough to see all the intimate details.

So I made a Chrome Extension called Microminimus Fullsize Viewer.

With my Chrome Extension, you can quickly access the full-size image that was originally uploaded to the Microminimus gallery.

If you love Micro bikinis, you’ll love Microminimus. A unique community of beautiful people showcasing their bodies in the smallest swimsuits on the planet.

*The Microminimus website has been updated and this Extension may not be compatible.*

Key Features

Easy to use

Readily Available

Works with the website

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