Zombaio Closed – Out of business with clients Money

My payment processor betrayed me, and now I’m $15k in the hole – here’s what happened.

As a young entrepreneur in the adult entertainment industry, I was always looking for the best payment processing option for my paysites and networks. That’s when I stumbled upon Zombaio, the only processor that would take an Australian website without making me jump through hoops. They worked great for me, until they didn’t.

In 2016, I launched my first premium Snapchat notification platform, Sexysnaps.me, and it was a hit, making $150k in sales in the first 6 months. Zombaio was working like a charm, and I never missed a payout. But then, in 2019, the payouts started to take longer and longer, until they stopped coming altogether in April 2020.

I had already launched my successor to Sexysnaps, Exclusv.Life, and was using a different billing processor. But a lot of my creators still had active subscriptions on Sexysnaps. I informed them of the situation and some wanted to cancel all their active subs, while others wanted to ride the train just in case Zombaio paid out.

I kept messaging Zombaio support, pretending to have a fake problem just so I could ask where my funds were. I still had hope that I would get my money, but it never came. In February 2021, Zombaio disappeared, leaving me with about $15,000 of funds still owing to me.

It was a wild ride, and I learned a lot. But the lesson I took away from this experience is to never trust a payment processing company blindly. Always have a backup plan and stay up-to-date with the industry news. And to anyone who’s considering using Zombaio, I suggest you think twice before making that decision.

Don’t trust any web developers who are still advertising Zombaio integration as a service, they either don’t keep up with what’s happening in the industry or simply have no idea what they are doing.