Zombaio Closed – Out of business with clients Money

I was going to make a post about this the other day when I found out, but I wanted to make sure it was real.

When I first started (2011) making my own paysites and network here in Australia, I had what felt like no other option but to go with Zombaio, as they were the only processor to take an Australian website with no major hoops to jump through.

They worked great for me, for many years. They had their blip, apologized, paid the missed payouts and it was back to business as usual.

I made my first premium Snapchat notification platform in mid-2016, Sexysnaps.me around their system, and business boomed, $150k in sales in the first 6 months, never missed a payout.

Everything was golden so much money was made, then mid-2019 they were a little late for a payout, then the next one took longer, and the one after that. In April 2020, after a lot of back and forth with support, the payouts stopped coming.

I had already launched my successor to SexySnaps, Exclusv.Life, and was using a different billing processor. I had moved all my existing creators from SexySnaps to Exclusv.Life (Exclusv.Life has a built-in premium Snapchat management system), but a lot of them still had active subscriptions.

I spoke to the creators and informed them of the situation, and how they have active subscribers and rebills, but we might not get paid for them. Some of them wanted me to cancel all their active subs, we covered a lot of the payouts out of pocket. Some wanted to ride the train just in case they paid out.

Every week or so I would message support, with some fake problem, wait for a reply and then ask where my funds are. I still had hope that maybe I would get it, but here we are in Feb 2021, Zombaio is gone, with about $15,000 of funds still owing to me. Somehow I don’t think I am ever going to see it.

It was a wild ride, I learned a lot. What makes me feel better is that I had already moved on before they let me down, but $15k is a lot of money to just “not have”.

I just hope that there aren’t too many people who were burned as badly as I was.

Don’t trust any web developers who are still advertising Zombaio integration as a service, they either don’t keep up with what’s happening in the industry or simply have no idea what they are doing.