Working on a “Hackintosh”

After being a programmer and a developer for some time, constantly advancing and expanding my knowledge and skills, I soon realised the limitations and difficulties when using a Windows Operating System. Not being able to make Mobile Apps for Apple, constant struggles when trying to work with the Command Line Interface of many frameworks.

Even though it’s about 3 years old, I already had a pretty decent hardware setup of:

Intel i7-3770k
32bg RAM
Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard
and about 7TB of Storage with an OS SSD.

I wasn’t in buying any new hardware like a Mac Pro or something similar.

After doing some hunting online, I found that there was this thing called a “Hackintosh”, a Mac Operating System functioning on compatible hardware. I fiddled around with running it inside a Virtual Machine, but it was very difficult to use, being slow and unstable. This could have been my particular setup/install I’m not sure, but I didn’t like it.

So after a bit more reading, you can set up Hackintosh to run as its own Operating System. Now I’m not going to explain to you how to setup a Hackintosh, there are plenty of guides and resources online if you know how to look for them.

Installation was kind of simple once I had all my USBs and things set up. I did run into a few drive/kext issues, but some googling and forum reading had that fixed and I was up and away on a clean install of OSX.

Now, I have been a long time “Mac Hater” ever since one of those shitty colourful iMacs ate a CD-R with an assessment piece of mine back in Highschool. Friends and family would come to me and ask me for my opinion on buying a new Macbook or something, I told them all the same thing “you get no support from me if you buy one”. I felt this install was more out of necessity and it pained me at every moment as I was forcing my baby to run this devil spawn of an Operating System.

My first impressions were “where the [email protected]&k is?!” or “how the $#@$ and I supposed to do?!…” but after I found out where everything was and understood the interface a little better my experienced has improved. Once my base programs were installed (Adobe Suite, PHPStorm, Xcode, Android SDK, Node.js and Chrome), I went straight to trying to work on those projects where the CLIs were giving me hell. The ionic framework was set up and building out Android Apps and I even got an Apple App built, something I had never done before!!

I am not a total convert, there are still things I’ll load back into windows to do, like play games on Steam and… well, thats basically it. I really enjoy working on OSX and the extra desktop feature is so helpful as I am not alt-tabbing trying to find that explorer window so I can drag the new files to the FTP Client. I am working on moving OSX onto a 256gb SSD rather than running on an old Laptop Hard Drive now that the Operating System has proven its worth.