Cape Tribulation with Dutch beatuy A.Naked.Girl

We set out on a Friday afternoon to make the most of the weekend as we knew we had a three-hour drive ahead of us. Joining me on the trip were; Stacey – model liaison, Terri – photographers assistant and of course Sterre and her boyfriend. We had an unexpected encounter on the way up to Cape Tribulation with the sighting of a Cassowary. This was a really special occurrence as this is Australia’s heaviest flightless bird and is endangered. It set the weekend away off to a great start.

To make things easier we met Sterre and her boyfriend at PK’s Jungle Village to unwind after the journey and to get the feel of the local atmosphere. It was not a late night however as we wanted to beat the tourists the next morning.

With an early start leaving at 7 am the first stop was a local freshwater creek. This spot was chosen due to the unique rainforest flora and the lack of crocodiles – something that needs to be considered anywhere in Far North Queensland.

After the photo shoot, we stopped for a delicious lunch at Cow Bay. The next location was close by so we decided to take in the alluring surroundings and walk there. After strolling to the far end of the beach we realized that the sun (being midday by this point) was creating a problem. This meant a few drinks, lots of laughs and a play around with the video recording.

During the photoshoot, we were mindful to not go into the water as hot as the day was as this was not a safe place to swim due to the local crocodiles in the area. We also had a few passing admirers which did not phase Sterre at all and if anything it brought out her inner exhibitionist.

To wind down we went back to PK’s Jungle Village for a swim and some drinks at the bar followed by a BBQ dinner. Some went to bed after this and others partied on so much so that they were not in very good shape the next morning.

Then it was time to say goodbye and go home to edit the photos and videos that had been taken over the weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend away which was so much fun that it was hard to call it working at all. Sterre is a natural model and as you can the photos and video came out great.

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